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special report from “Start a business in Shanghai” campaign
Addtime:2016-09-09 Source:Cribsolution

in the past month, Shanghai Cribsolution has qualified to the next round AGAIN during the competition “start a business in Shanghai”. Meanwhile, we are also qualified of “the application for the fund of  Shanghai high-tech small business technology innovation project”. 

This innovation competition is set to integrate all the element of innovation, encourage high-tech small companies to grow with more creativity, show progressive figures, build brand, role models, stimulate enthusiasm, encourage creativity and start new business. It also is aim to build a service platform for those companies and attract more sources to support the innovation.

In the last few years,  the “Start a business in Shanghai” campaign has become more and more influential, especially this year, the number of application and the frequency of interaction increase dramatically.  Those 104 competitors are from industry zones all over Shanghai, even those are already well known, who thought the participation will help to build the public image and raise the public influence. Therefore, the campaign was very competitive. 

This campaign has three rounds including the final. Each competitor was asked to make a presentation to explain the business model in a limited time.

The representative for Shanghai Cribsolution use only 8 minutes to explain the idea which the company gained for 10 years. The presentation focus on the service platform project which Shanghai Cribsolution is base on to reduce the TCO by customizing supply chain inventory. the presentation also analyzed deeply the business model under the current business environment and the develop trend in the coming years for MRO.  The judges were persuaded by Shanghai Cribsolution’s ideas of innovation. which are the advanced market position,  rich scours of hardware , software and intelligence , professional service standard , innovation development,  leading role in business transformation and flexibility of business development.